Syrian handmade wood inlay art. Buy a special gifts, unique home decor. Use Jewelry Boxes to save your valuable items.

Hi, my name is Emil. My wife, my two beautiful daughters and I are from Syria and we recently moved to the United States. We love living in America, but, like many immigrant families, we have had some difficulties finding good jobs and settling in a country with different customs. Our troubles are minor though compared to the extraordinarily difficult circumstances in our native country of Syria today. In particular, we lament the many talented Syrian artisans who have had to close their shops and now are unable to support their families. My wife and I have always been very proud of the beautiful handicrafts from our native country and we worry that workshops that have been open for generations will be forced to close and the talents of these artisans will be lost forever.

So my wife and I came up with a plan. We created Orient Pearls to import handcrafted products from traditional Syrian workshops to make them available to the North American marketplace. We have partnered with dozens of artisans making the finest quality, handmade crafts who are either still working in Syria or have moved to neighboring countries like Lebanon. Our goal with this business is to allow the artisans to keep working in the craft that they love and to support themselves while also giving joy to our customers of owning pieces of real art from the Levant. Thank you for visiting our store.

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